Friday, August 2, 2013

Donkey View -- Good Fun -- And Good for You

Donkey View 
The new World Order
                                         . . . . And those in doubt

I noticed the keen commentary on the leftist Donkey's Blog.  Especially when he goes into the Donkey Mode.  A neat feature that really shows it's homogenous nature when he's locked into "Donkey View".

What is Donkey View you may ask?  It's real simple.

Donkey View is a slick way for those suffering from codependency to manifest self worth while mortaring together the building blocks of self esteem.  Simple to use, it's much easier than dropping letters addressed to yourself in the mailbox.

With Donkey View, you just post a comment on your own blog, then let your pentup frustrations of non-self importance cure themselves.  You engage in a conversation with yourself without having to wait for letters that you have mailed to yourself.  Nor, as statistics and the latest polls prove, quite simply, will you rarely argue with yourself. You may however, bestow upon yourself the monikers of brilliance you so richly deserve.

More slick benefits of healthful self stimulation without the manipulation of appendages.  Ever wanted others to know how smart you are.  Hell, it's easy.  Just tell them as you talk to yourself through the words in your own journal.  Pretty soon you'll be talking to yourself and glad handing all the premium acolytes your epitaph can endure. 

And in your mind -- you deserve it -- Don't you?

It's real time and, it's exciting.

Imagine talking to yourself, perhaps expounding all your single entendre' thoughts, and a few strokes later, you are actually answering your own questions, while simultaneously asserting your self worth and expounding old cliché's and euphemisms that bathes you in the warm glow that only a mother's compliment could manifest.

Donkey View does come with warnings though. It's highly addictive, and it has been reported to have tendencies where megalomaniacs have come dangerously close to high-jacking their own blog without their knowledge.  Scary stuff.

But watching someone use Donkey View leaves an audience breathless.

Good Fun,  Highly entertaining.
If you find yourself on the left.

Just know I'm right.

Here's lookin at you Buddy Boy

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